8 Apps To Store Receipts & Tax Records

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Tracking expenses is critical as you keep a handle on the financial pulse of your business financials. It is also required if you need to document your expenses to prepare an accurate tax return. Plus, if you’re audited by the IRS or state tax authorities, you may need the expense documentation handy.

If you’re like most business owners and executives that collect tons of receipts every month; there is good news. There are many time-saving apps available that may be the answer to your accounting and business expense woes. Here are some top-rated apps for storing receipts and tax records:

Keeper Tax:  This app combines the efficiency of automation with a personal touch provided by human bookkeepers. The result? Completely hands-off handling of all your receipts.

Expensify: Includes a receipt capture feature and can be synced with your credit cards so that expenses can be pulled in automatically.

Freshbooks: This cloud-based accounting software comes with its own customizable mobile receipt app. Just snap a picture of any receipt with your phone, then add in the details that you’ll need when you file taxes: where you bought it, why you bought it, the sales tax you paid, and whether it’s billable.

Abukai: If your business travels tend to take you abroad, Abukai is the receipt tracker for you. This jetsetter-friendly app has no trouble reading foreign receipts. Best of all, it offers real-time currency conversion, so you can figure out exactly how much you’ve spent in terms of dollars. To use Abukai, just snap a picture of your receipt using your smart phone. Abukai will save the image, alongside the category of your purchase, the vendor, the date, and other details.

Evernote Receipts: Evernote’s claim to fame is notetaking. But it’s quietly making a name for itself in the world of expense tracking as well. With the Evernote Receipts app, you can store snapshots of your receipts and use them in expense reports for your taxes. View these in the classic notetaking app.

BizXpense Tracker: This app can track expenses and mileage, and it also allows you to record billable hours, and it comes with an expense report generator.

Shoeboxed: Expense-tracking app lets you capture receipts and file them for reimbursement or a tax deductible.

Our list would not be complete if we didn’t mention the IRS’s official tax app. IRS2Go allows you to request copies of your tax records and track the status of your refund.

These smartphone apps can help you track tax-deductible expenses and receipts, estimate taxes, and track your refund. Hopefully this will help you better organize business finances and expenses throughout the year as well as give you a less stressful tax season.

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