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Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Accounting

Jeanine Hemingway, CPA is a tax planning, tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and advisory firm located in Austin, Texas. Our goal is to provide each client with professional and personalized service. The firm’s staff are experts in the areas of accounting and tax preparation and planning. We combine sound advice and an innovative approach to achieve our clients’ financial, accounting, tax and business needs.

Our firm works with clients including startups, mid-market and closely held companies, professional services firms, as well as individuals and families. If you are seeking solid tax, bookkeeping or advisory services—or a blend of it all, Jeanine Hemingway CPA looks forward to earning your trust and making your life less taxing.  Our mission is to provide quality bookkeeping and tax services in a supportive environment.

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Tax Deadlines

  • December 20 – 2020 Estimated tax #4 deposit (C Corporate Tax)
  • December 31 – End of 4th quarter
  • January 18 – 2020 Estimated tax #4 deposit (Personal Tax)
  • January 31 – Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC to payees and to IRS & SSA
    If filed Electronically, they will take 1099’s on February 28th.
    If paper forms, they need to be postmarked by January 31st.
  • January 31 – 4th quarter Payroll tax reports (Form 941 and TWC report)
  • January 31 – Federal Form 940
  • February 28 – All other Forms 1099 & 1098 to IRS
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Tax Preparation Services

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Bookkeeping Services

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