What is Tax Identity Fraud?

Sadly, tax payer identity theft is a major problem that impacts over one million people each year. It is estimated, the IRS pays out $5.8 billion annually in bogus refunds to identity thieves. Simply put, tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen Social Security number to file a tax return, claiming a fraudulent refund.

6 Easy Steps to Prep for Tax Season

It’s January-- and in the accounting world, tax time will soon be underway. Whether you own a business or will file as an individual, leaving tax preparation until the eleventh hour can create disruptions to your business and unwanted stress. There is good news—with a little proactive planning and organization, your tax prep can be more pleasant than ever imagined. Jeanine Hemingway, CPA has compiled these helpful steps and tips that you can implement right away:


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