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We can no longer guarantee to efile by the due date. We are filing extensions for new clients with a $50 deposit.

We have received many inquiries and so wish to notate here that if an extension is being filed, we can no longer recommend what amount to pay. If you owed the IRS last year, we recommend you pay the same amount by April 17th.

We have been adding to our team. Keep checking back for updates. Pictures are forthcoming.

A federal judge in Texas has issued an injunction against the Department of Labor's rule requiring overtime pay. Check back for updates. Check out our Blog for more information.

Have you received a threatening call or email from someone claiming to work for the IRS? The IRS will not call or email you out of the blue without having mailed you a notice first. Go to for more information: we also have information under KB (Knowledge Base).

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Have questions about the Affordable Care Act and Mileage Deductions? Visit (KB) Knowledge Base
Affordable Care Act, Mileage Deductions.

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